3D Cardstock Ornament Garland

It should be no secret by now that I love Christmas, and gold, and if I had the time, I would craft some fabulous gold Christmas decoration (or seven) for every room of my house.  But, alas, with Christmas comes a mile-long list of things to do, on top of the already overflowing to-do list that I normally have, so crafting fabulous decorations just doesn’t always happen.  When I can create something fun and festive in less than an hour, though, I am totally doing that!  That’s why I love my 3D Cardstock Ornament Garland – it was so simple and quick to make, but is so cute!  (And a bonus that I used gold ribbon.)

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland onetoughmotherblog.com


Whether you need a little extra something to hang from your mantle, or wrap around your tree, this garland is super easy to make with just a few craft supplies you probably have on hand.

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland onetoughmotherblog.com


First, pick some cardstock.  I am using a heavy double-sided scrapbook paper for my garland.  Using either a circle punch or scalloped circle punch, cut circles to make your 3D ornaments.  You will need 4 circles per ornament.

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland  onetoughmotherblog.com


To make one of the ornaments, simply fold each circle in half.

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland  onetoughmotherblog.com


Glue 2 of the circles together to make the halves of the ornament.

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland  onetoughmotherblog.com


Place one half of the ornament on each side of your ribbon and glue them together with the ribbon in the middle.

3D Cardstock Ornament Garland  onetoughmotherblog.com


Continue this process until you have a complete garland.

That’s it!  A quick and easy but festive Christmas decoration!  You could embellish with glitter, add some ribbon tassels, or customize it to a particular occasion other than Christmas.  Don’t you love versatile crafts?

Are you finished decorating for Christmas?

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    I have not started decorating for Christmas! Yikes! So much to do, so little time. This is a great idea though – I may have to adapt this for Valentine’s or something!

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